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Recent blog posts

Club and Triathlon BC memberships now DUE!!

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Happy 2016 everyone.  It is Triathlon BC, and Penticton Triathlon Club membership renewal time.  2016 RESOLUTION - get your Tri BC membership in earlier!!  The first batch will be sent to Tri BC on January 25th.  Get your membership forms and money in to Peach City Runner, or to Brad, ASAP.  Through the great efforts of Shelie Best, Brad will be able to race more, and handle fewer tasks for the club.  Since others will be dealing with memberships, please get the forms and money.  Otherwise, it will be late, and your first race will be taking place before you get your 2016 card.  It has happened almost every year in the past, so make it easier on yourselves and get ahead of the game.  Forms are on the website.

Club AGM and Social

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Penticton Triathlon Club AGM and Social

When: Friday, January 8, 2016

Jeff Symonds, had a unique day for his first time racing at Ironman Worlds.  Listen to him tell his story, Monday Oct.19, at 7pm.  Jeff's story takes place at the Investors Group office, 206 -300 Riverside Drive.  Email bradxtlee@gmail.com if you have not already done so.  Limited seats.

Phenomenal turnout for Beverage Mile!

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Congratulations to all participants, and thanks to the specatators, for making the event a success.  Our lead official was supposed to present the Awards, but as a previous champion, Jeff Symonds returned to regain the crown, in a time of 6:38.  For the men, 2nd and 3rd place was a 1 second difference, with Dave Matheson claiming that he did not know Mike Ellis was so close to him, and that he had "shut it down" before the finish line.  Sounds like a challenge!  The women's champion, is the reigning champion, Jen Annett, closely followed by Jenny Ayers.  One of the most outstanding performances of the night, was by Bob Vincent this year, who believes there should be some age adjustments, for his 7th place overall (and he beat Jen Annett !).  3 Prizes for best costumes were donated by Jeff Symonds and Sophia Chadwick.  Top prize went to the team of Jen and Jason Annett, in their Oktoberfest attire, 2nd place went to superhero Jill Hart, and 3rd place went to the Nerd Ian Nelson.  A record 25 participants enjoyed a great event.  Results are posted on the "Events/Results" tab. 

Annual Beer Mile, Friday Oct.16, at 6pm,

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A few changes for 2015, to try to avoid snow, or freezing buns.  For 2015, the Beer Mile will be on Friday, Oct.16, at 6pm at McNicholl track.  This way Neil gets to participate, or at least his reason of having to work is no longer valid.  Also, the "Rum nighters" can be present.  Additional questions, check with Neil or Brad.


Sat, May 12th, 2018, @11:00am- 03:00PM
Barley Mill Pub Bare Bones Duathlon
Triathlon BC