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Recent blog posts

Phenomenal turnout for Beverage Mile!

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Congratulations to all participants, and thanks to the specatators, for making the event a success.  Our lead official was supposed to present the Awards, but as a previous champion, Jeff Symonds returned to regain the crown, in a time of 6:38.  For the men, 2nd and 3rd place was a 1 second difference, with Dave Matheson claiming that he did not know Mike Ellis was so close to him, and that he had "shut it down" before the finish line.  Sounds like a challenge!  The women's champion, is the reigning champion, Jen Annett, closely followed by Jenny Ayers.  One of the most outstanding performances of the night, was by Bob Vincent this year, who believes there should be some age adjustments, for his 7th place overall (and he beat Jen Annett !).  3 Prizes for best costumes were donated by Jeff Symonds and Sophia Chadwick.  Top prize went to the team of Jen and Jason Annett, in their Oktoberfest attire, 2nd place went to superhero Jill Hart, and 3rd place went to the Nerd Ian Nelson.  A record 25 participants enjoyed a great event.  Results are posted on the "Events/Results" tab. 

Annual Beer Mile, Friday Oct.16, at 6pm,

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A few changes for 2015, to try to avoid snow, or freezing buns.  For 2015, the Beer Mile will be on Friday, Oct.16, at 6pm at McNicholl track.  This way Neil gets to participate, or at least his reason of having to work is no longer valid.  Also, the "Rum nighters" can be present.  Additional questions, check with Neil or Brad.

Swim Passes!

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We have 19 names on the list.  At 20 names, we get a 20% discount, at 25 names, the max of 25%.  Last year we had 34 names.  (Jen A, Gary A, Jenny A, Steve H, Karen L, Brad, Charlie, Peter M, Karl M, Tracy M, Brent R, Judy R, Stephanie, Brian S, Cameron T, Kirk V, Bob V, Dustin V, Gloria).  My understanding is that as a group, we can purchase a swim or a combine swim/gym pass.  I need to confirm that we can purchase now, and later during the year.  This means you can purchase a 1, 3 or 6 month, and once it expires, you can get another pass, at the same discount rate.  Pool open Sept.14, so I need to get the list in to the community centre.  Please email bradxtlee@gmail.com to have your name added.  If you are 60+ your pass will be at a lower rate. 

Thursday Sept 3 ride

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Congrats to all who participated last weekend, and a HUGE thank you to all the volunteers!

There will NOT be a club ride this week as I will be away. Have a great long weekend and we will see you all next week!

hi everyone,

As previously mentioned, Kevin Cutjar has really helped PTC this year, to increase membership, and adding $1500 to the club.  The exec has agreed to pay for burgers, hot dogs, fruit, propane, buns, etc.  We want to cheer on all athletes at Skaha Park in the morning, during the expected tight pro races for men and women.  If you are not racing, please show up, bring friends, family, and make it a party to cheer the athletes, and let them know that the Penticton Triathlon Club supports Challenge Penticton.  Jen and Jay Annett will lend us their BBQ.  We need some people to cook.  We hope to have a speaker system for an iPod.  So if you have an iPod with great tunes for running, bring it!  If you have cow bells, pom pom, horns, then bring them too!  We want to have a party.  Then at 4pm we can move to Run Stn #8, at the old Petroglyphs.  We need 6 confirmed volunteers, and 2 of us have signed up.  Email bradxtlee@gmail.com if you can be there, even if only for an hour.  Again we want to show our support of the athletes, and we will have food, refreshments.  The more the merrier, and the more the better.  Those of you doing the Challenge Half, you can come and cheer with us for a while, and get some recovery nutrition!  Please send a note to confirm!  Thanks, Brad


The 2017  Barley Mill Pub Bare Bones Duathlon is the BC Provincial Duathlon Championships, scheduled to be held at 11AM, Saturday, May 13 in Penticton, BC.  See "Events" tab.  The Bare Bone bike course is part of the ITU Long Distance bike course.


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