Barley Mill Pub Bare Bones Duathlon

Saturday, May 12, 2018, 11:00am - 03:00pm
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Triathlon BC 2018 Barley Mill Pub Bare Bones BC Provincial Duathlon Championships AND Qualifier for the Mulitsport Worlds in PonteVerde Spain 2019!

The Qualifying event will be the Olympic distance ONLY


5km Run - 32km Cycle - 5km Run

 Bare Bones 2018 is the BC Provincial Championship, and will be the Duathlon qualifier for Multisport World Championships in PonteVerde Spain 2019! This will be the only Duathlon event in the West to qualify.   More information will follow, some changes will happen such as the use of timing chips etc... but as always it will be a great event.  Don't miss out.  It will be a great year to participate.

*RACE START location:* Registration 9:00am-10:30am at Race Start area – the park alongside South Main Street, Penticton, by the entrance to the Skaha Lake boat launch;


Entry Fees: Sprint $65 until April 9, April 10 to May 10th $90.00; Standard Olympic $75.00 until April 9th. April 10 to May 10 $100.00. Junior $35.00, April 9-May 10th is $40.00; On-line registration closes on May 10th. 

Lunch is included in your entry fee.


 NO REFUNDS: your fees go towards community sports in Penticton.

Prizes will be presented to the winner of each 5 year age group. Draw prizes will be given out during athlete check in. You must be present to receive your age group prize.

Changing and washroom facilities available at Race site, by the Skaha Lake Concession.

Download the Course Maps:

Pre-Race Meeting at 10:30am. Race begins at 11am sharp.

Awards ceremony at Barley Mill Pub at 1:30pm. BBQ Burger & salad buffet starts at 1:30pm, Includied in your entrance fee for athletes, $12.00 for friends, guests. Must be purchased in advance.

Individual competitors or teams.

Entrants must be 18 or older (standard distance), or 16 years for the Junior race, and should be in good physical condition, having trained sufficiently to confidently complete the course within 2hrs30mins. (No official cut-off time will apply.)

This is a draft-free individual endurance event, for elite and age group competitors alike. Certified draft officials will patrol the bike course to ensure fair competition and apply drafting and course penalties to those who cheat. Details will be explained at the pre-race meeting, on race day.

Sponsors & supporters include Barley Mill Pub, Lake Breeze Winery, The Bike Barn, Peach City Runners, Penticton Pounders, Penticton Triathlon Club, Swagman Racks, Parkway Chevron, Rona, & TriBC.


The Barley Mill Pub Bare Bones Duathlon is a Multisport event that includes a 5km run, followed immediately by a 32km cycle portion, and concludes with a repeat of the 5km run. The Sprint and Junior races are a 2.5km run, a 20km cycle, and a final 2.5km run.  The event is open to individual competitors, who will "transition" from one activity to the next, in a transition area, which will also be the Start/Finish area, in the south part of Skaha Lake Park, alongside South Main Street, by the Skaha Lake boat launch entrance.  Please park in the regular Skaha Lake Parking lot off of Lee Avenue.

The start of the first run will have runners head north along the walking path, then turn left (west) on the Skaha Lake beach walkway. Runners will follow the beach walkway to South Beach Drive.  runners will make a 180 turnaround, then head back east along the beach walkway.  You will make a left turn on Parkview, running along the sidewalk, then turn right on Elm Avenue.  At the Skaha Lake Parking lot, turn right, then run along the path to the Beach walkway.  Turn east (left) towards South Main.  Turn left again, to run along the path that runs along the west side of the pond, to the sidewalk at Lee Avenue.  Turn right on the sidewalk on Lee Avenue.  Then turn right at South Main.  Run south to the beach walk, and turn right.  If on the Standard course, you will run a 2nd loop.  If running the Junior or Sprint course, you will run about 20 meters west along the beach walk, then turn left to go to bike transition.  You run past the Start line, into bike transition, change to your bike, and head to South Main Street.

Competitors will run their bike to the paved driveway, mounting their bike as they approach the bike lane on South Main Street, and avoiding any cars. Cyclists willl head south on South Main St., following directions of traffic control people, and must follow rules of the road. Cyclists will continue south on Lakeside Road, until McLean Creek Road. Cyclists will turn left on McLean Creek Rd., climbing the hill, the same as the Challenge Penticton course.  Following McLean Creek Road, into OK Falls, cyclists will turn around on 10th Avenue, and reverse the bike course, back to Skaha Lake Park.  They'll follow McLean Creek Road until it re-connects with Lakeside Rd, where they'll turn right. They'll return north along Lakeside Road, and South Main, turning left onto the entrance to the boat launch, and into the transition area.

After dismounting their bikes, they'll re-run the exact same run course (2 loops again) before finishing back at the finish line by the bike transition.

In order to safely run this event, there will be a need for caution on the boat launch access.  Cyclists must follow the rules of the road, as there are NO ROAD CLOSURES.  Race officials with Stop/Slow paddles will control this, as required.

Officials will also be placed on all intersections along the bike and run course, to warn traffic of the race-in-progress and to direct athletes if necessary. The run course will be marked with orange traffic cones and athletes will receive a full course description, prior to race start.