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Club Meeting

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Club Meeting is scheduled for May 3 6:00pm at Bob Vincent's abode.

WE have WINE

2016 Bare Bones Duathlon Registration

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Just a reminder that the 2016 Bare Bones Duathlon is just one month away! It's a great local race to kick off your racing season that's tons of fun and won't break the bank! Penticton Tri Club members also receive a discount on the entry fee. Please email bradxtlee@gmail.com or scatchard@shaw.ca for your discount code. See you all at the start line on May 7th!  Happy training! 

Triathlon BC Membership Cards

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Tri BC is no longer mailing out Tri BC membership cards, likely to save money, postage, and paper.  Working to be green.  Once the club sends in memberships or renewals, they are supposed to be emailed about their renewal.  You may have missed this.  You can check to see if you have renewed your TriBC membership through the Penticton Triathlon from a list on the club website.  Go to "Club Info", then "Members Info".  There is a list of current "2016 TriBC members within Penticton TriClub".  Or check on the TriBC website; instructions follow.
To see that you are renewed, or are a member, go to www.tribc.org.  Go to the Membership tab.  Then you will see a big blue button for "register here".  Click on this button.  Then choose "Renew Membership/Find my TriBC number".  Enter your Last name, then your birthday.  Then click on "Search association number".  Your name, birthday and Tri BC number should show up.  If you want to Print your membership card, click on the "Click Me" button.
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Hey all, a group of people have just come off Kevin Cutjars Easter camp and want to continue with the fun. Bob Vincent has planned a group ride meeting at Skaha Park at 8:30am Saturday April 2, rides anywhere from 40-100km. A couple of crazy girls are riding the Ironman loop. Come on out and have some fun.

ON LINE registration is open for the Barley Mill Bare Bones Duathlon.  It is the same course as last year, and the bike course is part of the 2017 ITU Long Course World Championship course.  Registration is discounted $5 on March 16.  Penticton Tri Club members are entitled to an additional discount.  Email bradxtlee@gmail.com or scatchard@shaw.ca to get your discount code.  The Awards lunch will take place at the Barley Mill Pub. 


The 2016  Barley Mill Pub Bare Bones Duathlon is scheduled to be held at 11AM, Saturday, May 7 in Penticton, BC.  See "Events" tab.


Sun, May 1st, 2016
Cherry Blossom Triathlon
Sat, May 7th, 2016, @11:00am- 03:00PM
Barley Mill Pub Bare Bones Duathlon
Sun, Jul 3rd, 2016, @7:00am- 06:00PM
Great White North Triathlon
Sat, Jul 16th, 2016
Boston Pizza Junior Triathlon
Sun, Jul 17th, 2016
Three Lakes Peach Classic Triathlon
Sat, Jul 23rd, 2016, @6:00am- 03:30PM
Supported Ride of Challenge course
Sun, Aug 21st, 2016, @7:00am- 03:00PM
Apple Triathlon
Sun, Aug 28th, 2016
Challenge Penticton
Triathlon BC